Learn. Plan. Execute


Learn. Plan. Execute

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Here is what Pro+ members get:


1.) 1 Monthly Members-Exclusive Webinar and Q&A

One time, each month I will conduct a 1-2 hour webinar on a specific topic of growing your business. I will make it relevant for what time of the year we are in. For example, last year in November we talked about how to keep your staff busy throughout the Winter by creating multiple streams of income or offering new services. In January, we discussed tweaks to the hiring process that I have seen work. At the end of each lecture, I will answers questions from the group.

2.) 1 Monthly HotSeat of One Member’s Business

Each month one of the members will go in the spotlight during an online webinar with me. All of the group is able to analyze how the company is doing. This is where the best ideas are formulated and created… for the member in the hot seat, but also for everyone that is contributing. We will look at trends within the business, financial documents, and marketing performance and see how we can improve that ONE business.

3.) One-On-One Phone Calls with Mike Andes (30 mins each, 2X per Year)

This is now the ONLY avenue that I give one-on-one consulting. You get 2 completely confidential calls with me each year. During these calls, we can discuss whatever you are struggling with. This also serves as an accountability call that keeps you on track with your goals in your 5 year business and marketing plan. We will discuss your marketing strategies, analyze your online presence, and iron out specific challenges, like finding and training management. When you get in an emergency you can schedule your call right away.

4.) Private Pro+ Facebook Group

This Facebook group is where you can quickly get answers to your questions. Maybe something unexpected happens and you need answers quick… get different perspectives and proven techniques. I will engage within this community often and questions about software, hiring, equipment, marketing, and day-to-day operations can be answered here within the tight-knit community. This group is NOT a bunch of complaining! The owners here stay positive and are looking for innovative ways to grow their business.

5.) VIP Access at Landscape Summit Conference

Includes the general admission ticket for Landscape Summit Conference in January each year. You will also be invited to an exclusive dinner with me and other Pro+ Members at the conference

6.) Design Your Life. Create Goals. Be Held Accountable.


Fill in the form below to apply for Pro+. Please take note of the following points:

1.) There is limited space. Unfortunately, because I don’t have time for all the one-on-one phone consultations, I have to limit the number of members allowed. I apologize if you have been waiting for a long time!

2.) We need to verify your City and State because we don’t want any of your competitors getting access. Once a member is in Pro+, NOBODY in their city and zip code can get access. This is so that when we do live webinars and hot-seats users feel comfortable sharing their numbers and pricing to get clear and honest feedback from me and the rest of the Pro+ members. And no, you can’t pay us more to kick your competitor out of the group. (yes, people have asked that).

3.) If you are accepted for enrolment we will contact you. If you are placed on a waiting list, we will let you know and you can check in with us periodically to see if space has opened up.

4.) How do I choose who gets into the group? There is no exact formula. Course-members get a leg up simply because they already know my business model and ethos so I don’t have to re-teach that in Pro+… this is meant to be a DEEP dive into your company, not the more general information from the podcast or course. I try to make sure the group of Pro+ members have a good mix of companies that are at different stages of growth and revenue as well as demographically diverse to give varied angles and perspectives.

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